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cascade_01“I still want to be able to see the pond through the doorwall.”

That’s how the conversation started that led to this amazing multi-level custom cedar deck. At the back of the yard was a pond, wildlife, nature – all the beauty of nature we humans like to see when looking out the back door.

“Sure, we can do that, no problem”, I replied. It was a beautiful view, no argument there.

She continued, “we like to entertain, and need room for at least ten or fifteen people at a time on the deck.”

So here’s how it turned out.

The deck is cedar, which is highly rot-resistant and durable. The first image above highlights the sight line to the back door, unbstructed and clear all the way to the pond. Notice how the stairs spread out and away from the deck as they cascade down to the lawn. For a family that entertains quite a bit, the expansive stairs avoids guests stuck on a narrow staircase.


Here the balusters are more easily seen; the narrow black balusters almost disappear into the foliage, keeping the deck lower-profile than with standard 2″x2″ wooden balusters. The wrought iron center balusters add class and distinction.


Each of the railing posts is capped by a custom finial to protect the post. The posts themselves are gently carved cedar, a decided improvement over basic 4×4 construction.


The deck has mutiple levels for entertaining, separated by just a few shallow risers. You can see the pond there in the background. Lowering the large entertainment deck even a foot kept it below the sight line, enabling an ubroken visual to the pond’s edge.


Note how the black balusters almost disappear against the backdrop of the lawn.  The space feels larger, and at the same time feels like it blends into the surrounding yard.